Industrial Ultrasonic Couplants from the Couplant Experts

High Temperature

High Temperature: a range of viscosities from fluid to thick gel/paste.  Operating ranges from -50° to  1250°F (-75 to 675°C+)


Ambient Temperature

Ambient temperature:  for flaw detection and thickness gauging with operating ranges from -60°F to 350°F.  Viscosities range from fluid to thick gel.

Powder Ultrasonic

Powder:  easily mixed in cold water in five minutes.  Ideal for travel, remote access test sites and to significantly reduce shipping cost.



The Couplant Experts

Drawing on over 50 years of experience in developing and manufacturing ultrasonic couplants, we are constantly expanding our couplant performance parameters to address unmet needs, improve operator safety and facilitate the ease of use of our products.

In the last three years we have developed:

  • VersaSonic®  high-temperature couplant (-10 to 750°F) in medium and high viscosity
  • EchoTherm™ Extreme with an operating range up to 1250°F (675°C) and an auto-ignition temperature above 1300°F
  • EchoPure™, a water-free, water-soluble couplant, will not frost on parts nor freeze in extremely cold conditions (-60°F), ideal for hot welds up to 350°F
  • UltraSoniX™, EchoTrack™, SoniX®, ECONOgel™ formulations with no formaldehydes, glycol ether, nitrites and nitrates
  • ECONOgel™ the most economical UT couplant available
  • EchoMix® Single: single packet powder couplant
  • Fluid couplants with low cost, water solubility and high temperature solutions
  • A third-generation air-free manufacturing process
  • Packaging option of an open-top 1-gallon pail

Echo’s commitment is to provide the highest performance and safety profile ultrasonic couplants at a fair price, or 10% less than the lowest competitive price for a similar performance couplant.