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Explore the new Echo Ultrasonics® website to learn more about our line of industrial ultrasonic couplants with superior performance and fair pricing.

We have been developing and manufacturing ultrasonic couplants for over 50 years. Our founder has formulated most of the NDT couplants commercially available in the United States, including Exosen®, Ultragel II®, Echogel®, Pyrogel®, Sonotrace®, SoundSafe®, SoundClear®, Humex®, UT-30®, UT-X®, Sono® 600, Sono® 950, and Sono® 1100.

Our industrial ultrasonic couplant history began in Pennsylvania in the early 1960s. A lot has changed over the years, including information about operator and environmental safety as well as the availability of new, safer chemicals. With each company, founder Gene Larson has focused on optimizing product performance, improving the chemical safety profile and increasing the operating limits.

Echo Ultrasonics® offers custom formulations and packaging options as well as metallurgical and physical testing. If you have an application that isn’t being met with your current couplant, or you are looking for a superior product at a fair price, call us.

At Echo Ultrasonics, we take pride in the quality, safety and performance of our couplants. Our goal is to exceed your expectations!

Exosen is a registered trademark of GE Inspection Technologies.  Ultragel II, Echogel, Pyrogel, Sonotrace, SoundSafe, SoundClear, Humex, UT-30, UT-X and Sono 600, 900 and 1100 are registered trademarks of Magnaflux.