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A Great Couplant Just Got Even Better

EchoTherm ExtremeTM – the only no-residue, high-temperature ultrasonic couplant for use above 805°F (429°C) has been reformulated to increase transmission performance up to 1250°F (675°C).  EchoTherm Extreme facilitates high temperature inspections that were previously impossible.

Look for the lavender top on the EchoTherm Extreme tube as your assurance of the best performing high temperature UT couplant in the world.

EchoTherm Extreme removes the industrial accident liability, personnel risk and ‘startle’ factor of unanticipated auto-ignition events when conducting high temperature ultrasonic
inspections. If ultrasonic thickness gaging or corrosion testing is performed in a potentially  flammable or explosive atmosphere, EchoTherm Extreme is recommended as the only couplant that will not auto-ignite under 1300°F, nor leave a residue.

EchoTherm Extreme is the ideal couplant for inspection ports:
– No auto-ignition under 1300°F
– No minimum operating temperature

EchoTherm Extreme does not contain plastic to melt before conducting sound:
– Instant response time
– Increased testing efficiency
– Reduced time transducers are exposed to high temperatures

Complementary samples available.  Click here to complete a sample request form on our website, call 360-671-9121 or email