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API Subcommittee on Inspection and Mechanical Integrity to address the auto-ignition of NDT Ultrasound Couplants

As recently published in Inspectioneering Journal:

“The API Committee on Refinery Equipment (CRE) made a recommendation that SCIMI address the auto-ignition of NDT ultrasound couplants by including new paragraphs in the upcoming rewrites of API RP 572 (Inspection of Pressure Vessels) and API RP 574 (Inspection Practices for Piping System Components). These paragraphs will incorporate actions such as the following:

  1. Check the product label for the manufacturer’s operating range. If the operating range is not on the container, do not proceed, nor provide the product to inspectors.
  2. Know the surface test temperature where the couplant will be applied. This is of highest importance in ports and restricted areas.
  3. Provide access to a current product Safety Data Sheet listing the operating range and auto-ignition temperature to the inspector.
  4. Train inspectors in the mitigation of risk of couplant auto-ignition in high temperature inspections”

All of Echo Ultrasonics’ high temperature couplants are clearly labeled on each container with the operating range and auto-ignition temperature and are therefore in compliance with these recommendations.

Complete details can be found in the current issue of Inspectioneering Journal.