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VersaSonic® – A better alternative to Sono® 600

VersaSonic is the most versatile couplant with UT applications including:

  • High temperature inspections – up to 700°F / 371°C
  • Extreme weather conditions – rain, snow, mud and sleet
  • Freezing temperatures down to -10°F / -23°C
  • Power generation equipment – insulation compatible
  • Best corrosion inhibition of all couplants

VersaSonic is available in two viscosities to optimize application:

  • Medium viscosity for spreading on the inspection part and for lower temperature inspections
  • High viscosity for placing directly on the transducer, overhead and vertical inspections

Peanut allergy concern for inspectors or their families?  No problem.  VersaSonic does not contain peanut oil. 

VersaSonic has a lower vaporization rate than Sono® 600, leading to:

  • Longer inspection windows
  • Less re-application
  • Reduced couplant use

The below graph shows weight loss from vaporization over time for VersaSonic (dotted line above) and Sono 600® (solid line below) at 200°C.  (Independent commercial laboratory analysis)

Vaporization Rate Chart

Let us prove to you that Echo has a better high temperature couplant solution for safer, faster inspections. Request free samples today: