Preventing inspector injury, facility shutdown and the risk of igniting explosive gasses, Echo Ultrasonics has the most complete offering of high temperature couplants for inspections over 350°F. The right operating range and viscosity couplant may improve safety, lower cost and reduce inspection time. Selection of the right couplant for high temperature inspections is critical. If you aren't sure which couplant is best, ask us.

VersaSonic® Multipurpose

  • -10°F to 700°F / -23 to 371°C
  • No powder polymer
  • No wait time / Fast readings



  •  50 to 775°F / -45 to 412°C
  • Very high viscosity
  • Minimal residue
  • Non-drying



  • 200 to 1000°F / 93 to 538°C
  • Auto-ignition temperature above 1300°F
  • Most economical ultra-high temperature couplant


EchoTherm™ Extreme

  • -40 to 1250°F / -40 to 675°C
  • Highest performance extreme temperature couplant
  • Auto-ignition and flash point above 1300°F
  • No wait time / fast readings



Inspectioneering Journal publishes article on auto-ignition of high temperature ultrasonic couplants.

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