EchoTherm Extreme™ High Temperature Couplant

The first and only high temperature ultrasonic couplant that has an auto-ignition temperature and flash point above 1300ºF.  

With no minimum operating range, no residue, less smoke and no auto-ignition under 1300ºF, EchoTherm Extreme is an ideal couplant for port inspections.

EchoTherm Extreme is a high viscosity paste that adheres well to the transducer.

There is no low temperature operating limit with EchoTherm Extreme™, and the product performs as a high performance ultrasonic couplant from below -40°F/C to above 1250°F (675°C).

EchoTherm Extreme removes the industrial accident liability, personnel risk and “startle” factor of unanticipated auto-ignition events when conducting high temperature ultrasonic inspections.

EchoTherm Extreme is an ultra-high temperature, high acoustic impedance couplant intended to optimize sound trasmission and to reduce surface “acoustic noise”. EchoTherm Extreme does not contain Teflon and is not expected to cause “polymer plume fever.”

Due to the small mass of EchoTherm Extreme used for ultrasound thickness, the slow rate of thermal decomposition and local ventilation, the vaporized and thermal decomposed product in the smoke are not anticipated to be a health hazard.

EchoTherm Extreme does not contain plastic to melt then conduct sound. Response time is instant, thus increasing testing efficiency and reducing the time transducers are exposed to high temperatures during testing.

Operating Range: -40 to 1250°F+ (-40 to 675°C)

  • Auto Ignition Temperature: greater than 1300ºF *
  • Viscosity: thick paste

* Test by John A. Kennedy & Assoc., ASTM E659-14

If ultrasound thickness gauging or corrosion testing is performed in a potentially flammable or explosive atmosphere, EchoTherm Extreme is recommended as the only couplant that will not auto ignite under 1300ºF.

ETM-EX-02: 2 fluid oz. / 4 oz. avdp (weight), metal tubes