Reliable coupling of transducers to the inspection part and the transducer to the wedge is critical technology to insure reproducible results and to eliminate recoupling probes to wedges during an inspection. EchoPure and Forever Wedge ultrasonic couplants are the solution for phased array inspections.

EchoPure Phased Array Couplant

  • Best inspection and defect reproducibility
  • No dry spots in the coupling film
  • Slow evaporation
  • Water soluble


Forever Wedge Couplant


  • For use between phased array or angle beam transducers and the wedge
  • Lasts the life of the wedge or until it is replaced
  • Won’t leach out, impervious to water and couplants
  • Easy removal and replacement of wedges
  • Eliminates PA element drop out due to wedge couplant failure
  • Non-toxic