CryoSoniX is the only ultrasonic couplant for use in cryogenic applications such as refrigerated ethylene.

With an operating range of -200° to 60°F (-129° to 16°C), CryoSoniX enables repeatable and reliable inspections.

Product Application

Drill a hole in the frost that is 2 times the transducer diameter to expose the pipe surface. Squeeze CryoSoniX into the hole so that it is partially full and then insert the transducer to contact part. CryoSoniX will not freeze and stable readings will hold.

Operating Range: -200° to 60°F (-129° to 16°C)

Auto-ignition Temperature: ASTM E-659: 700°F (371°C)

Flash Point: Closed 23.3°C (74°F) CC

Viscosity: Medium viscosity gel

CRYO-04: 4 fluid oz. metal tubes