Echo 8 ZH™

Echo 8 ZH is intended for ultrasonic coupling where elevated temperature, surface roughness or long coupling time frames present coupling difficulties. It maintains its paste like viscosity throughout its effective operating range for extended time periods.

Echo 8 ZH’s enhanced acoustic impedance reduces surface roughness acoustic noise.

Echo 8 ZH covers a broad range of ultrasonic applications.

Echo 8 ZH applications include flow metering and long term monitoring at elevated  temperatures.

Echo 8 ZH resists drying, allowing long term coupling without reapplication and is the best choice for long-term monitoring, such as flow metering.

Operating Range:
Short term (minutes to 1 hour): -45˚ to 750˚F (-42˚ to 400˚C)
Long term monitoring (sensors): -45˚ to 400˚F (-42˚ to 200˚C)

Auto-ignition Temperature: 800˚F (425˚C) Viscosity: Thick paste; 4,000,000 cps Brookfield LV#5, @ 0.3 rpm

Halogens: Less than 100 ppm

Sulfur: Less than 50 ppm

Density: 2.2 gm/cm3

Export Classification: HS Code 902490; Schedule B: 90249000080

  • 2 fluid oz. / 59ml tube