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EchoTherm Extreme

New Couplants Introduced at ASNT

Ask us about our four new couplants at booth 205 at the ASNT Annual Convention in Salt Lake City, UT.  EchoTherm and EchoTherm Extreme are the first high temperature ultrasonic couplants with an auto-ignition temperature above 1300°F.  EchoPure is ideal for very cold and very warm inspections and is a water-free yet water-soluble couplant.  EchoMix Powder is now available as a one part packet. 

Echo High Temperature Couplants set new standard in safety and performance.

Echo Ultrasonics has introduced two new high temperature ultrasonic couplants that now provide safe thickness gauging, corrosion mapping and flaw inspection above 750°F (400°C).  The auto-ignition temperature of these new couplants exceeds 1350° F (732°C).

EchoTherm is a high temperature thick paste couplant with an operating range of 750°F/400°C to 1250°F/676°C.  EchoTherm contains a plastic polymer which melts at 750°F/400°C to obtain a reading.  The auto-ignition temperature of EchoTherm is over 1350°F/732 C.   While EchoTherm is less expensive that EchoTherm Extreme, it has a more limited operating range (must be above 750°F/400°C) and it leaves an inert residue.

EchoTherm Extreme is a high temperature thick paste couplant with no minimum operating range (-40°F/C to 1250°F/676°C) and which leaves no significant residue.  If you are inspecting a range of temperatures and cannot always insure the minimum 750°F/400°C operating temperature has been achieved for EchoTherm, EchoTherm Extreme offers many benefits. Readings are instantaneous as there is no wait time for a high temperature polymer to melt before transmission occurs. The duty cycle is much shorter; therefore, the transducer does not heat as quickly as there is less time in contact with the hot surface. There is no polymer residue to interfere with subsequent testing. EchoTherm Extreme will cover all high temperature corrosion, flaw and thickness testing needs for all applications.

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