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Winterized ECONOgel UT Couplant

Economically inspect in severe weather with Winterized ECONOgel™. Winterized ECONOgel ultrasonic couplant has been optimized for performance between 0° and 150°F. Available in 55-gallon drums. Winterized ECONOgel is a low/medium viscosity gel ideal for spreading or painting. This salt-stable couplant has good corrosion characteristics and is cost effective at $595/drum.

Standard ECONOgel performs from 26° to 120°F, and is the lowest cost cellulose couplant.ECONOgel-ultrasonic-couplant

ECONOgel’s reduced surface tension provides fast wetting.

ECONOgel is glycerin and silicone free.

ECONOgel has good ferrous corrosion inhibition and is compatible with most metals, plastics and composites.

ECONOgel is completely salt stable. It will not thin with corrosion salts, marine environments or highway infrastructure subjected to de-icing salts.

Environmental and operator friendly. No formaldehydes or nitrates or nitrites.

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