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Fluid Couplants

New UT Fluid Couplant Grades

We’ve expanded our line of Echo 8HT fluid UT couplant to include three additional viscosities.  Performance of a broad range of AUT and MUT ultrasonic flaw and thickness gaging applications from -50°F to 800°F (-45°C to 425°C) is possible with these four grades, with minimal residue and great signal to noise ratio.  

Grade 1 is the lowest viscosity fluid (100 cST) for long or small diameter lines and quick spreading.

Grade 4 is Echo’s standard viscosity fluid (400 cST) and is usually a good compromise between pump ability and run-off at the transducer.

Grade 6 is a higher viscosity fluid (850 cST) that minimizes run-off at the transducer, however, requires system “pump ability” testing.

Grade 10 is a very thick fluid (5,000 cST – honey like) for MUT.  It spreads easily over large hot surfaces, stays in place and leaves minimal if any residue.


Echo 8HT

Ultrasonic Fluid Couplants

Echo Ultrasonics has developed a family of five fluid ultrasonic couplants for automated crawlers, pumping systems and point of use squirting.  This product line covers an operating range from -70° to 950° F (-56° to 510° C) with viscosities ranging from 400 to 15,000 cSt. The fluid offering includes products that are water-soluble, minimal residue and low-toxicity.  For detailed information, click here.  We’ve got the right couplant for your next job.  Call or e-mail for samples.