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Powder Ultrasonic Couplant

Tips on Optimizing EchoMix® Powder Couplant

EchoMix® Powder Couplant is ideal for remote inspections, environmental sensitive areas, and inspections that require long distance shipping.

Water straight from the tap is cold and saturated with air which, if used immediately to prepare EchoMix will produce many small air bubbles in the gel which can last from 24 hours to three days.

Conversely, never mix EchoMix with hot water as it will cause the couplant to thicken before all the powder is dissolved.

When preparing EchoMix, best results are achieved if you measure the required water as hot tap water and let it sit overnight to de-air and reach ambient temperature (above 60°F/15.6°C). In the morning, before adding the powder, run a slotted spoon or paddle along the sides of the mixing bucket to expel the air bubbles.