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Ultrasonic Couplant

VersaSonic is a leading high temperature couplant, but … read how Caterpillar and power generation equipment manufacturers are using it.

VersaSonic, the most versatile ultrasonic testing couplant available, will now be used in even more environments after recent developments.

Caterpillar Inc., the well-known equipment and engine manufacturer, has approved VersaSonic for use on its CAT equipment.  Caterpillar is distributing VersaSonic through its dealers worldwide for UT thickness gauge inspections in harsh environments, from sub-zero to very hot conditions. VersaSonic is being distributed as Caterpillar part number 545-8721.

Power generation equipment manufacturers have approved VersaSonic for its compatibility with electrical wiring insulation for use in their power generation rotor inspections. VersaSonic does not contain water, is non-corrosive and is low in toxicity.

Acuren, Team Industrial Services, Mistras, IRIS NDT and many other inspection companies select VersaSonic for its high temperature properties and two viscosities:

  • high-viscosity VersaSonic for hot piping over 350° F (177° C) and for direct placement on the transducer, and
  • medium-viscosity VersaSonic for spreading on parts and at temperatures under 350° F and as low as -10° F.

The nondestructive testing industry chooses VersaSonic for its technical performance. VersaSonic has a lower rate of vaporization and evaporation above 350° F than competitive couplants, resulting in longer inspection windows and less need for reapplication of the couplant. Tests of weight loss from evaporation over time have shown that VersaSonic loses less than 1 percent of its original weight by the time the product has reached 392° F, while competing products can lose twice that amount.

VersaSonic is plant-based and biodegradable. It does not contain peanut oils, tree nut oils or silicones. Additionally, VersaSonic provides excellent corrosion inhibition for steel and cast iron and it can be left in place providing it won’t interfere with subsequent operations such as painting or electroplating. VersaSonic can be removed with a wipe from a rag or cloth; for complete removal, dish detergent and water or Echo 4HT can be used.

To learn more about VersaSonic’s incredible versatility, contact Echo Ultrasonics or request your free sample today.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification Achieved

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate awarded to Echo personnel

Echo Ultrasonics is the first NDT ultrasonic manufacturer to be awarded the new Certified Quality System ISO 9001:2015.  Echo develops, formulates and manufactures NDT ultrasonic couplants for the worldwide non-destructive testing industry.  Early adoption of the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard demonstrates Echo’s efforts to be leaders in the ultrasonics industry.

Emily Larson-Rutter, Quality Manager of Echo Ultrasonics said, “The new ISO 9001:2015 is a High Level Structure (HLS) which provides a framework for incorporating other quality standards (such as the newly issued AS9100:2016-D).  ISO 9001:2015 places additional emphasis on leadership and management commitment being actively engaged and taking accountability for the effectiveness of the company’s Quality Management System.  Adherence to ISO 9001:2015 quality standard requires employees to use critical thinking skills focusing on risk.”

As part of the new ISO 9001:2015 certification process, Echo Ultrasonics engaged in a rigorous 3rd party audit of its risk identification and abatement infrastructure, administration and manufacturing processes, as well as customer and product quality requirements. Achieving ISO 9001:2015 certification reflects Echo’s dedication to quality and highlights our structured and systematic approach to the design, development, manufacture and distribution of ultrasonic couplants.

Ultrasonic Fluid Couplants

Echo Ultrasonics has developed a family of five fluid ultrasonic couplants for automated crawlers, pumping systems and point of use squirting.  This product line covers an operating range from -70° to 950° F (-56° to 510° C) with viscosities ranging from 400 to 15,000 cSt. The fluid offering includes products that are water-soluble, minimal residue and low-toxicity.  For detailed information, click here.  We’ve got the right couplant for your next job.  Call or e-mail for samples.

Winterized ECONOgel UT Couplant

Economically inspect in severe weather with Winterized ECONOgel™. Winterized ECONOgel ultrasonic couplant has been optimized for performance between 0° and 150°F. Available in 55-gallon drums. Winterized ECONOgel is a low/medium viscosity gel ideal for spreading or painting. This salt-stable couplant has good corrosion characteristics and is cost effective at $595/drum.

Standard ECONOgel performs from 26° to 120°F, and is the lowest cost cellulose couplant.ECONOgel-ultrasonic-couplant

ECONOgel’s reduced surface tension provides fast wetting.

ECONOgel is glycerin and silicone free.

ECONOgel has good ferrous corrosion inhibition and is compatible with most metals, plastics and composites.

ECONOgel is completely salt stable. It will not thin with corrosion salts, marine environments or highway infrastructure subjected to de-icing salts.

Environmental and operator friendly. No formaldehydes or nitrates or nitrites.

For free samples and additional information, visit

Echo 8ZH™ couplant for flow metering

Echo 8ZH is a thick paste couplant that is ideal for flow metering and liquid level sensing.  Echo 8ZH maintains its paste like viscosity throughout the operating range of 0 to 800°F for thickness gauging and from 0 to 600°F for long term monitoring .  Echo 8ZH is immediately available in 2-oz tubes.  Call (360) 510-3503 or e-mail for pricing.

Explore the new Echo Ultrasonics® website to learn more about our line of industrial ultrasonic couplants with superior performance and fair pricing.

We have been developing and manufacturing ultrasonic couplants for over 50 years. Our founder has formulated most of the NDT couplants commercially available in the United States, including Exosen®, Ultragel II®, Echogel®, Pyrogel®, Sonotrace®, SoundSafe®, SoundClear®, Humex®, UT-30®, UT-X®, Sono® 600, Sono® 950, and Sono® 1100.

Our industrial ultrasonic couplant history began in Pennsylvania in the early 1960s. A lot has changed over the years, including information about operator and environmental safety as well as the availability of new, safer chemicals. With each company, founder Gene Larson has focused on optimizing product performance, improving the chemical safety profile and increasing the operating limits.

Echo Ultrasonics® offers custom formulations and packaging options as well as metallurgical and physical testing. If you have an application that isn’t being met with your current couplant, or you are looking for a superior product at a fair price, call us.

At Echo Ultrasonics, we take pride in the quality, safety and performance of our couplants. Our goal is to exceed your expectations!

Exosen is a registered trademark of GE Inspection Technologies.  Ultragel II, Echogel, Pyrogel, Sonotrace, SoundSafe, SoundClear, Humex, UT-30, UT-X and Sono 600, 900 and 1100 are registered trademarks of Magnaflux.