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High temperature couplant

VersaSonic is a leading high temperature couplant, but … read how Caterpillar and power generation equipment manufacturers are using it.

VersaSonic, the most versatile ultrasonic testing couplant available, will now be used in even more environments after recent developments.

Caterpillar Inc., the well-known equipment and engine manufacturer, has approved VersaSonic for use on its CAT equipment.  Caterpillar is distributing VersaSonic through its dealers worldwide for UT thickness gauge inspections in harsh environments, from sub-zero to very hot conditions. VersaSonic is being distributed as Caterpillar part number 545-8721.

Power generation equipment manufacturers have approved VersaSonic for its compatibility with electrical wiring insulation for use in their power generation rotor inspections. VersaSonic does not contain water, is non-corrosive and is low in toxicity.

Acuren, Team Industrial Services, Mistras, IRIS NDT and many other inspection companies select VersaSonic for its high temperature properties and two viscosities:

  • high-viscosity VersaSonic for hot piping over 350° F (177° C) and for direct placement on the transducer, and
  • medium-viscosity VersaSonic for spreading on parts and at temperatures under 350° F and as low as -10° F.

The nondestructive testing industry chooses VersaSonic for its technical performance. VersaSonic has a lower rate of vaporization and evaporation above 350° F than competitive couplants, resulting in longer inspection windows and less need for reapplication of the couplant. Tests of weight loss from evaporation over time have shown that VersaSonic loses less than 1 percent of its original weight by the time the product has reached 392° F, while competing products can lose twice that amount.

VersaSonic is plant-based and biodegradable. It does not contain peanut oils, tree nut oils or silicones. Additionally, VersaSonic provides excellent corrosion inhibition for steel and cast iron and it can be left in place providing it won’t interfere with subsequent operations such as painting or electroplating. VersaSonic can be removed with a wipe from a rag or cloth; for complete removal, dish detergent and water or Echo 4HT can be used.

To learn more about VersaSonic’s incredible versatility, contact Echo Ultrasonics or request your free sample today.

Why VersaSonic™ outperforms Sono 600®

Vaporization of VersaSonic vs Sono 600®


The above plot is a technical representation of why VersaSonic (top line) outperforms Sono 600 (bottom line).  The plot depicts the weight loss of each couplant due to vaporization over time at 200°C (392°F).  Sono 600 loses significantly more mass and vaporizes faster than VersaSonic.  Vaporization produces gas bubbles which both attenuate and scatter ultrasound as well as degrades the rheology of the product (coupling doesn’t last as long, dries faster and gets sticky or tacky sooner).

While many Echo customers that have switched to VersaSonic from Sono 600 have observed these characteristic in practice, this test demonstrates the technology behind the experience.

VersaSonic is the ideal high temperature ultrasonic couplant when working under 750°F (400°C).  The response is instant as there are no plastic polymers in VersaSonic that need to melt before transmission occurs. At higher temperatures (above 350°F / 177°C) its useful service life is longer than competitive couplants.  The auto-ignition temperature for VersaSonic is 788°F (420°C). VersaSonic is available in two viscosities:

  • High Viscosity – ideal for spot inspections
  • Medium Viscosity – best for spreading

For more information, samples and ordering information, click here or call 360.617.9121.

Introducing HiTempco™ UT Couplant

Introduced in the mid 1970’s by Aerotech / Krautkramer Branson and sold by GE Inspection Technologies for decades,  HiTempco has been the standard of performance in silicone based ultrasonic couplants.  With a broad temperature range of -50°F to 775°F (-45°C to 412°C), its applications range from high temperature thickness gauging and flaw detection to ambient and low temperature coupling where no corrosion, broad material compatibility, long service life and low toxicity are considerations.


Product Description

  • Very high viscosity
  • No residue
  • Non-drying
  • Strong corrosion inhibition
  • Non-toxic, non-irritating
  • Low environmental impact.
  • Contains no perfluorocarbons, peanut or tree nut oils.

Operating Range:

-50°F to 775°F (-45°C to 412°C)

Flash Point and Auto-Ignition Temperature

Flash Point:  Cleveland Open Cup 250°F

Auto-Ignition Temperature:  820°F

Instantaneous ultrasonic response (does NOT contain plastic powders which delay ultrasonic conduction and result in difficult-to-remove residues). Excellent corrosion inhibitor. Provides non-toxic, long-term corrosion inhibition for steel and cast iron and is compatible with other metals and most plastics. HiTempco may be left in place unless it will interfere with subsequent manufacturing operations such as painting or electroplating.

Removal: wipe with paper or cloth rag. If complete removal is required, dish detergent and water or a chemical degreaser can be used.


2-oz tube



Contact us today for complementary samples: or 360.671.9121

VersaSonic Ultrasonic Couplant

VersaSonic Couplant

You may be aware that VersaSonic® has superior performance from -10 to 750°F, however, did you know:

  • VersaSonic is available in medium viscosity for optimal spread-ability and high viscosity to “stay in place” on a transducer, pipe or overhead surface.
  • VersaSonic is available in open-top 1 and 5-gallon pails (5-gallon dispensing pump included at no charge), 1 gallon and quart cubitainers.
  • VersaSonic is a versatile broad temperature couplant. The world’s largest producer of power generating equipment has standardized on VersaSonic for use at ambient temperatures due to its compatibility with their electronic components.
  • Refineries and heat treatment plants use VersaSonic because its useful service life is up to three times longer than competitive couplants at temperatures above 350°F.

Have a job where you need to spread the couplant in some areas but need it to stay in place in others?  Try our quart dual pack of both viscosities.

Testing above 750°FEchoTherm and EchoTherm Extreme are the only ultrasonic couplants with operating ranges above 850°F.

Check out our complete line of high temperature couplants online



High Temperature Couplants

Our Mission at Echo Ultrasonics is to provide the highest performance ultrasonic couplants based on today’s chemistry and compliant with world Regulatory Guidelines. 

Intertek Scientific & Regulatory Consultancy was retained to conduct a REACH assessment / CLP Evaluation for all Echo Ultrasonics high temperature ultrasonic couplants.  Intertek determined that there is NO CLP Classification or Special CLP Labeling required.   

VersaSonic®, EchoTherm™ and EchoTherm™ Extreme offer optimal performance, safety and regulatory compliance.

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High Temperature Couplants

The Professional’s Choice for high temperature couplants.

Echo High Temperature Couplants set new standard in safety and performance.

Echo Ultrasonics has introduced two new high temperature ultrasonic couplants that now provide safe thickness gauging, corrosion mapping and flaw inspection above 750°F (400°C).  The auto-ignition temperature of these new couplants exceeds 1350° F (732°C).

EchoTherm is a high temperature thick paste couplant with an operating range of 750°F/400°C to 1250°F/676°C.  EchoTherm contains a plastic polymer which melts at 750°F/400°C to obtain a reading.  The auto-ignition temperature of EchoTherm is over 1350°F/732 C.   While EchoTherm is less expensive that EchoTherm Extreme, it has a more limited operating range (must be above 750°F/400°C) and it leaves an inert residue.

EchoTherm Extreme is a high temperature thick paste couplant with no minimum operating range (-40°F/C to 1250°F/676°C) and which leaves no significant residue.  If you are inspecting a range of temperatures and cannot always insure the minimum 750°F/400°C operating temperature has been achieved for EchoTherm, EchoTherm Extreme offers many benefits. Readings are instantaneous as there is no wait time for a high temperature polymer to melt before transmission occurs. The duty cycle is much shorter; therefore, the transducer does not heat as quickly as there is less time in contact with the hot surface. There is no polymer residue to interfere with subsequent testing. EchoTherm Extreme will cover all high temperature corrosion, flaw and thickness testing needs for all applications.

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